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We began RBJ's Spreadable Fruit as a way to increase business for our restaurant. We are proud to say it has evolved into something greater. We wanted to share with others the unique and delicious products of our Midwestern heritage. We wanted to offer talented employees an opportunity to gain experience while sharing tasty flavors like rhubarb-strawberry and chokecherry. We are proud to represent Northern Minnesota. Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve our goals.

Kim Samuelson, owner and president, started the company by making a batch of her grandmother's rhubarb-strawberry jelly in the kitchen of her restaurant. After getting great feedback from her customers, she began to sell it.  


In 1999, it was featured in the April / May issue of "Taste of Home" magazine and since then, people everywhere have become fans of our delicious products. We even private label products for various companies across the nation and offer corporate gifts for businesses.

Kim is the owner / president behind RBJ's Spreadable Fruit and RBJ's Restaurant. She and her talented staff are passionate about what they do. Kim loves cooking, baking, and spending time with her husband Eric and their three beautiful girls, Erica, Emily, and Elisa.

Our Company

Get the advantage of healthy food when you buy products from RBJ's Spreadable Fruit.


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Our Mission

RBJ's Spreadable Fruit was originally a side business of RBJ's Restaurant, meant to create more business during the frigid winters of Northern Minnesota. Since 1996, RBJ's Spreadable Fruit has grown from a small-town company to its own successful corporation. You can find our products in fine gift stores across the country.

Our Owner / President

Our Core Beliefs

RBJ's Spreadable Fruit is dedicated to our customers. We strive to provide high-quality gourmet products that taste delicious. We would love to see our products in kitchens nationwide. Try our products to see what the buzz is about.


We love establishing long-term relationships with our clients. We enjoy getting to know our customers and having them getting to know us.


We strive to always provide top-notch customer service. We want to ensure we earn our customers' satisfaction with our services.


We enjoy introducing our customers to new flavors like rhubarb, chokecherry, and elderberry. We love sharing this piece of our Midwestern heritage with our customers across the nation.


Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to speaking with you, so contact us today.

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