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Signature Products


The signature products you buy from RBJ's Spreadable Fruit can be used as perfect topping for several snacks.

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Enjoy our signature products that we have to offer!

•   RBJ's Signature Syrup (ideal for pancakes, waffles, French toast and ice cream)

•   RBJ's Signature Whipped Honey (with flavors like Whipped Raspberry, Whipped

   Amaretto and Whipped Apple Spice (all new) - ideal for sweetening up toast,

   tea cornbread)

•   Signature Jellies (perfect topping on bagels, crackers, ice cream, peanut butter,

    jelly sandwiches, with signature flavors, including Chokeberry, Raspberry

   and Elderberry (all new)


2 - 14 oz. Bottles

Case of 12 - 14 oz. Bottles

Signature Syrup



FLAVORS: Chokecherry, Raspberry, Elderberry


Our SIGNATURE SYRUPS is a perfect accompaniment for all your breakfast foods; French toast, waffles or pancakes. The wonderfully distinct flavor is hard to beat!


2 - 9.25oz. Jars

Case of 12 - 9.25oz. Jars

Whipped Amaretto Honey



RBJ'S Signature Honey is fresh from the hive and it is creating quite a buzz. WHIPPED AMARETTO is a unique flavor that will add sparkle to your tea or toast.

Signature Whipped Honey

Whipped Apple Spice



RBJ's Signature WHIPPED APPLE SPICE Honey is such a sweet treat you'll be buzzing! Drizzle over fresh fruit for a summer surprise or use as a marinade of ham or pork for extra zing.

Whipped Raspberry Honey



RBJ's Signature WHIPPED RASPBERRY HONEY is so flavorful you'll be using it every day. Spice up Peanut Butter sandwiches or sweeten up cornbread, the results are extraordinary!


2 - 9 oz. Jars

Case of 12 - 9 oz. Jars

Signature Jellies



FLAVORS: Chokecherry, Raspberry, Elderberry


The fruit production of our trees is limited, but the fruit flavor cannot be beat. CHOKECHERRY, RASPBERRY, ELDERBERRY are a hit with all generations. RBJ's Signature Jelly is not guaranteed to be around all year, so get yours today!