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RBJ's is proud to introduce it's newest product...Gourmet Roasted Almonds.  These delicious snacks will tempt your taste buds; one crunch and you'll be wanting more! 

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Welcome to the unique gourmet flavor of RBJ's Specialty Foods.  Our products are chock full of fruit, bringing you the delicious tastes of Rhubarb-Strawberry Spreadable Fruit (jam), Chokecherry Jelly, Elderberry Syrup, Whipped Amaretto Honey and more!  Our products are also ideal gifts for friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or anyone!  For a complete listing of the gourmet creations available be sure to visit our product pages and gift gallery.

The unbelieveable flavor of RBJ's jams, jellies, syrup, and honey products are sure to have you coming back for more...and they will have your guests asking how long you spent making that decadent dessert!  The next time you need a unique entree or dessert for your dinner guests look no further than RBJ's Spreadable Fruit.  Here are just a few suggested uses and delicious recipe ideas for our products.  Click on our Recipe of the Month for our featured item, or visit our Recipe Gallery - you'll find something for every meal!

  • Torte a white cake with our Strawberry-Almond Spreadable Fruit for a decadent wedding or shower dessert.
  • Pick any of our flavorful honeys (Raspberry, Amaretto or Apple Spice) to mix in with your morning oatmeal and start your day off with a zing!
  • For your next Chicken dinner open up a jar of Rhubarb-Strawberry Spreadable Fruit and use it as a dipping sauce.  It brings a sweet-n-sour flair and it's great fun for the kids too.
  • Impress your family by making a new breakfast favorite, Stuffed French Toast.  It's perfect for a lazy weekend morning, but easy enough to whip up before heading out to work.
  • For a simple and tasty evening snack try vanilla or chocolate ice cream drizzled with our Raspberry Syrup, garnished with fresh raspberries.
  • Eat a serving of fresh fruit in a most delicious way, make the RBJ's Fruit Dip and use as the base of a fruit pizza.  Load all of your favorite fruits on top for a great summer treat!

Thank you for indulging in our gourmet creations, be sure to Spread the News to your friends and family!




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